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Prestan Family Pack CPR Manikins w Feedback, Med Tone PP-FM-500M-MS Mannequins

Prestan Family Pack CPR Manikins w Feedback, Med Tone PP-FM-500M-MS Mannequins
Prestan Family Pack CPR Manikins w Feedback, Med Tone PP-FM-500M-MS Mannequins

Prestan Family Pack CPR Manikins w Feedback, Med Tone PP-FM-500M-MS Mannequins

Prestan Family Pack CPR Manikins w Feedback, Med Tone PP-FM-500M-MS Mannequins. This&#######xA0; AHA Compliant&#######xA0;Prestan Family Pack of Manikins-Medium Tone contains 2 Adult, 1 Child, and 2 Infant. All manikins come equipped with a Compression Depth Clicker Feedback Device&#######xA0; AND &#######xA0;a Compression Rate Monitor Feedback Device.

This manikin collection will optimize your training program by ensuring the students Compression Depth and Compression Rate are reached with an audible'clicking' sound and LED indicators provided by two separate feedback devices. &#######xA0;20 Adult Lung Bags, 10 Child Lung Bags, 20 Infant Lung Bags, an Instruction Sheet, and a nylon carrying case. Away from the classroom, instructors want their students to act confidently when faced with a cardiac emergency. We want our participants to leave class knowing they can help save the lives of people in cardiac arrest.

&#######xA0; Achieve this with Prestan Professional's revolutionary new CPR manikins with Rate Monitor. The LED indicators allow for instant feedback to both instructor and student regarding their rate of chest compressions. Instructors can monitor several students quickly and easily, while students themselves can visually gauge their compression rate reinforcing more practice time using proper technique. &#######xA0; Depth of compression is a crucial skill to learn as well.

Class participants learn proper compression depth with the manikin's audible'clicking' sound. Compression rate and depth - two vitally important components to learn for successful CPR. With Prestan's visual and audible reinforcement of good CPR technique, students will confidently embrace their role in the cardiac chain of survival. Realistic looking Adult and Child manikins with pinch-able noses and fully formed neck portions that allow for a carotid pulse check. &#######xA0;&#######xA0;&#######xA0;&#######xA0;&#######xA0;&#######xA0;&#######xA0. "Flick their feet" reminds students to check for level of consciousness &#####x201C; easily taught since the manikins have fully formed legs with feet. Moveable arms even allow for brachial pulse checks. Easy-to-insert lung bags speed setup of the manikins. Face shields are secured so they won't slip and there's no need for adhesives.

Realistic skin resists dirt, grime and grease. Adequate upper chest sizing facilitates AED training. Visual anatomy landmarks such as a navel and ribcage on the Adults and Child allow for practice of the Heimlich maneuver and reinforce proper hand placement for compressions.

On the Infants, anatomy landmarks such as clavicles, an accurate nipple line, sternum and xyphoid process facilitates the practice of choking skills as well as reinforcing proper finger placement for compressions. Head-tilt illustrates how to open the airway and allows each student to observe a true chest rise when proper head-tilt chin-lift technique is used. Clicker mechanisms increases student's confidence in administering adequate compressions. Manikins are capable of being cleaned and decontaminated per CDC guidelines.

MCR Medical is committed to bringing our customers the best quality and value in CPR training supplies, such as CPR manikins and masks. Founded in 2008, we are a family owned business in Grove City, OH founded by seasoned CPR, first aid, and CERT instructors and instructor trainers with decades of teaching and practical field experience. From our humble beginnings, we have quickly grown by constantly seeking and designing the best products, at the best prices, to meet the needs of CPR customers like you. A complete focus on superior customer service drives everything we do. Our accreditation and spotless record with the Better Business Bureau highlights this commitment. We promise to provide great products that work well along with knowledgeable staff utilizing excellent customer service skills to respectfully and confidently assist clients. Thank you for the opportunity to fulfill your first aid and CPR supply needs. Unfortunately, we do not sell items internationally. Q Can the training BVM be used in live scenarios? Here at MCR Medical, we carry training BVM's. These BVM's cannot be used in live scenarios due to sanitation protocol and the materials that the mask is composed from. Q Can I reuse my training valves? CDC guidelines do not allow for CPR valves to be decontaminated. We know that some instructor trainers demonstrate the re-use of valves. However, if your students are sharing manikins this process defeats the purpose of the valve. The HEPA style filter inside the valve can not be cleaned and disinfected without destroying the efficacy of the filter and unfortunately your students would be subject to cross-contamination. As disinfection protocols change, stay up-to-date by viewing current CDC guidelines. Q How do you disinfect a re-usable CPR mask?

Some professional CPR masks and CPR training masks can be cleaned and disinfected according to CDC guidelines. See product descriptions to verify re-usability if you are not certain if the product is applicable.

Valves should be discarded after use. To clean and disinfect appropriate masks, gently wash the mask in warm soapy water, using dishwashing liquid. Rinse in clean water and plunge the entire mask body into a disinfection solution of 1/4 cup of unscented liquid chlorine bleach per gallon of water. Completely submerge mask and valve stem (the part of the mask where you place the valve). Let stand in bleach/water solution for 10 minutes and rinse with fresh water.

Q How do I clean and disinfect CPR manikins during and after training? Some professional CPR training manikins can be cleaned and disinfected according to CDC guidelines. Instructors should carefully follow all manufacturers?

Recommendations and verify the products used to clean / disinfect are appropriate for their particular manikin and will not damage it. While the risk of infection from CPR manikin training is very low, it can be further minimized by using proper cleaning and disinfection procedures. If students are sharing a manikin during class: Between each student, encourage vigorous wiping of the manikin's face, mouth and chest with a gauze pad wet with 70% isopropyl alcohol or a comparable disinfecting product. Leave the surface wet for at least 30 seconds before wiping dry. After class: Scrub and wipe the entire manikin with either Clorox®-type disinfecting wipes or a mixture of ¼ cup of unscented liquid chlorine bleach per gallon of water.

Leave wiped surfaces wet with the solution for 10 minutes. Internal surfaces can be cleaned using rubbing alcohol which will both decontaminate surfaces and aid in drying, preventing fungal growth. 4-Pack of Manikin Clickers for Prestan ADULT CPR Mannequins item#RPP-ACLICK-4. This listing is currently undergoing maintenance, we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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Prestan Family Pack CPR Manikins w Feedback, Med Tone PP-FM-500M-MS Mannequins